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S & T STUDIO was founded in 2015 in Japan by Suen and Tsai.
 Thetwo launched their first namesake spring & summer collection in 2016. 
Suenand Tsaifrom Hong Kong and Taiwan met in Tokyo. During the time living in Tokyo, 
theyshared their own specialty and sense of beauty, merging their own aesthetics andJapanese minimalist style.
 After two years, Suen and Tsai carried out theiraesthetics on women’s footwear and established the brand S&T STUDIO.
 S& T is the abbreviation taken from their surnames.

The high-heel shaped logo not only represents brand’s key products butalso symbolizes their mutual support and efforts to the brand. Most of all, it’san idea that S&T STUDIO props up the beauty for women’s feet.

The entire collection is manufactured by hand with real leatherlining creating comfortable and high quality products. Skilled handcraft andchic design perfectly present on each woman’s feet

Combined with the professional shoemakers’ handicrafts from Taiwanand Japanese minimalist style, S&T STUDIO dedicates to create shoes thatare unique designed and fit any occasions for women who pursuit of self.